Serving Melbourne & Kings Newton

Who we are & what we do

Melbourne Parish Council is a statutory organisation and the most local level of government for Melbourne and Kings Newton. The council comprises of 15 councillors who are elected every four years to represent, serve and administer to the residents of both villages. Councillors are themselves residents and receive no reward or financial payment for the Role. The council operates within a legal framework with powers conferred by Acts of Parliament (such as the power to provide public open space through the Open Spaces Act 1906.) The council appoints a Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer who is responsible for the effective running of the council, the management of staff and the delivery of services.

The Parish Clerk holds the CiLCA (Certificate in Local Council Administration), is a member of The SLCC (Society for Local Council Clerks) and a qualified Company Secretary (ICSA). The Parish Council delegates some of its decision making powers to five committees, these being Burials, Planning and Strategy, Finance and HR and Facilities, Recreation, Events and Highways (FREH). The committee system allows for more focused meetings and for councillors to focus on the areas in which they have the greatest interest or knowledge. Committees may also establish sub-committees.

The council may also set up working groups to research and develop new ideas or oversee specific projects. These groups are governed by a set of terms of reference drafted by the council but they are informal – the meetings are not usually open to the public (and formal records of meetings are not usually kept). The outcomes of the discussions are then shared formally at a Parish Council meeting to ratify next steps.

The Council has little power but a reasonable amount of influence. Our main role is to exert influence on the decisions of the District and County Councils. We are consulted on local planning applications, Highway/Road Safety issues, long term planning and wider community involvement strategies. Cllrs determine and set policy to cater for the social, cultural, welfare and environmental needs of the community using powers which are mostly discretionary. All councillors adhere to the Parish Council Code of Conduct and complete a register of interests, these can be viewed on this website or at South Derbyshire District Council.

Planning decisions are taken by South Derbyshire District Council. They give details of every planning application to Melbourne Parish Council for the Council to review, and take into account the Parish Council's views and comments.

The Parish Council sets a budget every year known as the Precept. The money is collected for us by South Derbyshire District Council through the Council Tax bills. This is paid by the electors in the Parish. The Parish Council may also apply for receive grants and income in other ways in order to help deliver on projects that which we use to help improve life for the local community.

The council meets on the first Tuesday of each month, with the exception of August, when no meetings are held. A section on the agenda provides opportunities for members of the public to present a view.

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