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Planning, Strategy and Environment Committee

The main function of Melbourne Parish Council's Planning, Strategy and Environment Committee is to comment and make recommendations on local planning applications, based on material planning consideration. They forward their response to the relevant planning authority, primarily South Derbyshire District Council. The Planning committee also considers major local and regional planning issues, and planning policy matters.

As the Parish Council is not the local planning authority, it has no powers to determine planning outcomes in Melbourne & Kings Newton - these are decided by the relevant planning authority. We strongly recommend that anyone wishing to support or oppose an application does so directly to the relevant planning authority.

This committee also has oversight of the Neighbourhood Development Plan and the annual Parish Council Action Plan.

The PSE committee also look at environmental factors within the village and the council, and discuss potential ways in which the council can assist to reduce impacts on the environment both locally and globally.

Copies of the agendas and minutes for this committee can be found here.

Committee Members

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