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Vandalism at the public toilets

Over the last few weeks the Parish Council has noticed increasing levels of vandalism beginning to take place at the new toilets

- the baby changing unit was damaged- soap dispensers burnt at the base- litter bin also shows signs of fire damage- there are clear smell and signs of drug use in the disabled toiletWhilst we have done our best to monitor the situation it has now escalated further this week with the ripping out of electric cables that control the automatic door locking system. This is all going to cost money and the PC, in the long run, may have to decide whether we keep the facility open balanced against the costs it is incurring.Should anybody have witnessed any anti-social behaviour or have any information, they should contact the clerkJacqui Storer ChairSheila Hicklin 01332 865726 / 07907 271776

Posted: Fri, 03 Sep 2021 16:09 by Jacqui Storer

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