Serving Melbourne & Kings Newton

Facilities, Recreation, Events and Highways Committee

The FREH Committee of Melbourne Parish Council is involved in the management of the various assets/provision of facilities and events in Melbourne as follows:

  • Lothian Gardens
  • Thomas Cook Gardens
  • Market Place Bus Shelter
  • Summer Sports Activities
  • Public Toilets

The FREH committees function is also to consider all traffic matters affecting the parish. This is done by liaising with Derbyshire County Council. The Parish Council does not undertake the repairs. The committee also considers matter relating to:

  • litter, grit & dog waste,
  • the condition of public footpaths,
  • the Wakes, Remembrance Parade, Christmas lights switch on,
  • street furniture (I.e. benches, bus shelter),
  • CCTV,
  • the War Memorial,
  • floral arrangements.

To report issues in the area, please go to our Reporting an issue page and follow the relevant links.

Copies of the agendas and minutes for this committee can be found here.

The Highways committee combined with the Facilities, Recreation and Events committee in May 2023. Agendas and minutes prior to this will be listed separately within the councils documents.

Committee Members

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